Doomsday and The End of Days Approaching

Doomsday, end of times, end of days. Call it what you will, but as Christians, we look forward to it.


Because it means Jesus is coming to save us.

He’ll rescue us from this scorched Earth and we’ll ascend into Heaven, to live out our days together with God.

And to be honest, it may be closer than you think.

Geopolitical tensions are rising with the threat of Russia’s invasion.

Food shortages are affecting modern America as well as third-world Africa.

And you only have to look at the Capitol Hill riots to see how easy a civil war could break out.

So let me ask you this:

How will you protect your family from this chaos?

Because of the rise into Heaven with Jesus, we must first survive the end days. Only then will He take us to The Promised Land.

Does that mean living on tinned rations in underground bunkers? Or sleeping with an AK47 under your pillow? I don’t believe so.

All you actually need is a simple, homemade device crafted from parts you can pick up for pennies on the dollar.

It’s likely you even have most of them sitting in your kitchen drawers already!

This video presentation reveals exactly how to survive after the fall and thrive.

And in my opinion, that’s essential to make it through alive, ready, and waiting to rise into Heaven with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Members of my flock, rest assured, this new survival revelation comes with my divine blessing.

I hope you heed my advice and you’re ready for when He comes.

I’m all set, are you?

Defend your family, and rise with Jesus

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