NEW Survival Prepper: How to Fish Like Your Life Depended on it

Having Fish available is one of the best ways of getting your daily protein intake during an apocalyptic situation. There’s plenty of water around, but only a few have the skills to fish for their survival. Having a distinct advantage sets you apart from others and might come in handy down the line.

If it comes to fishing for your survival, there are a couple of different options. Like many non-preppers, you can take the more common approach and use rods and reels, but then there’s the storage issue, replacing broken equipment, and let’s not forget the cost of maintaining them. Or you can do what many other preppers prefer, which is a more raw yet simple method for survival fishing.

We’ll talk about both.

Your Fishing Gear

Start by collecting the gear you need to catch fish, this will make it more budget-friendly to stockpile the items needed over time. For your first purchase, I would go with a survival fishing pole. They are easy to store and lightweight, but not the most effective for catching fish. 

I can tell you this though, they’re way better than a stick, rope, and hook. 

As for your reel, go with whatever you can afford. In a survival situation, it’s not going to matter what brand your reel is or where you got it from. You just need to make sure it gets the job done.

Live Bait Vs. Artificial Lures

Honestly, you want to go with the most basic option possible if you’re choosing artificial lures. All that matters is you being able to catch fish, and it needs to be quick and efficient. Also, make sure you have a variety of sizes in lures anywhere from 1.5 inches – 6 inches in length. If you come across a small stream, the small lure would be perfect to catch something quick to eat. Regardless of if you’re trying to feed an entire family or just yourself, your focus needs to be on quantity over quality and on finding ways to make the fish last.


If want to take a more simple approach, there are plenty of options. Netting or trapping for one, and there are a number of different nets you can use. This is a passive form of fishing which is preferred because it allows you to do something else while you’re fishing in most cases. 

  Here are some options for netting: 

Trotlines – One of the most primitive and passive ways of survival fishing. You attach a mainline on both sides of the river or pond and then hang secondary lines down into the water with bait on them. The secondary lines get weights, so they rest near the bottom of the water, and the baited hooks will stay in place until you return to see if you caught anything.

Gill nets – A nylon net with large enough openings for the fish to swim through until they reach the gills. Making it the perfect passive fishing strategy because while you’re getting other things set up, you can check on the net at any time. This important method is great when you need to provide food for more than one person. 

Drift nets – A drift net functions in a similar way but requires you to have a vessel to pull the net. The net is moving through the water, it will also grab anything that passes through it. Using this method, you’ll want to bug out near a popular river or stream system.

Killing and cleaning your catch 

As a part of the “circle of life”, we need to appreciate and respect our catch, especially for situations where our survival depends on it. Here is a simple way of cleaning your fish if you don’t have any other way: 

  • Find a rock with sharp edges.
  • Put the fish on a hard flat surface
  • Use one hand to secure it in place
  • Use the rock to strike it right above the eye with a large amount of force
  • This will stun the fish but not kill it, be sure to repeat this a few times

Fishing during a survival crisis is a great way to source rich in protein foods in the event of a food shortage or power grid failure. Learning skills that we can rely on is essential during emergency situations.

Always remember, it’s always better to prep in advance rather than wait until it’s a SHTF situation.

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