Survival Prepper: 8 Useful Non-Electric Items

As a prepper, you have most likely spent money on various supplies for your survival stockpile. When SHTF, feeding your family will be on the top of your list of priorities. Worrying about not being able to cook food during a long-term blackout, make sure you have non-electric kitchen items like a cast iron skillet and a can opener.

These 10 non-electric items will really come in handy after a crisis situation.

1. Butter churn and molds

If you make your own butter correctly, it will last for several weeks with little in the way of refrigeration.

2. Chef’s knife

You need a high-quality and sharp chef’s knife for food prep. This knife can be used to process various meats and for more gentle tasks like peeling, dicing, and mincing.

3. Fridge pot

A “fridge” pot or Zeer pot is an old tool used to chill food using a nesting set of clay pots with a layer of wet sand sandwiched between them.

4. Manual Vegetable Slicer

You can save a lot of time during meal prep with a manual vegetable slicer.

5. Reversible Grill Pan and Griddle

A reversible grill pan and griddle has a deeply ridged grill surface for grilling or roasting meat and vegetables. The other side is a smooth griddle perfect for making breakfast.

6. Solar Oven

Solar ovens can be used to bake anything you would in a regular oven but they don’t use electricity! They’re affordable to purchase or there are some excellent in an SHTF situation. There are so many DIY options that could really help with the shelf life of some foods.

 7. Water Filter (Very Important)

A quality water filter can help ensure your family is getting clean drinking water, and water for hygienic or medical reasons. Whether you’re sourcing water from a pond, stream, or well on your property without clean water your survival experience will become 10X harder and more dangerous (especially if water is needed for medical reasons.

8. Small Timer

Everyone is used to having a timer easily available on their oven or microwave, but when you’re working with powerless appliances it’s handy to have a small wind-up timer.


Now the list goes on what you might need but it’s always better to be prepared and prepped before and survival situation suddenly strikes! Also, every family’s needs and survival criteria are different. It helps if conversations have started prior to any bugging in or out. In my previous posts, I have also shared how to preserve your favorite meals to cut down on a lot of time and equipment needed once the time comes.
Another positive for staying proactive is being able to share and trade what you have with your fellow friends, neighbors, or anyone that is in need. Being kind will always be free and good for the soul!
I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and a great week to come!
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